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Обсуждение Endless Space 2


Молодой Адьютант
Типов планет стало намного больше. Ну, а дерево стало напоминать оригинал)

Вова Хайтов

Доступно третье глобальное обновление для Endless Space 2!


The Riftborn update [0.3.2] is now live! This major update introduces the Riftborn major civilization, an Early Access iteration of Multiplayer mode (we're counting on your feedback to make this optimal for the release!), new visual elements to bring more life to the galaxy, AI ameliorations, Battle improvements, changes to the Technology Tree, and more!


[IMPORTANT]: Games started prior to the update will no longer be functional. If you wish to continue a game started before the update, make sure you select the previous Endless Space 2 version, available in the Beta Branch tab, of your game properties.

[New Content]
The Riftborn major faction has been added [Wiki]
Two additional minor factions have been added: the Bhagaba & the Niris
Multiplayer has been enabled
Games can now be played with up to 8 empires
Added the “Large” size galaxies
Added two new galaxy shapes: Spiral-8 and Ovoid
Hero ships are now visible on the fleet by left-clicking on the hero's portrait in the galaxy view
Hero renaming has been enabled
Empire / player renaming has been enabled
3D feedback of certain anomalies has been added
Game settings are now visible and some are modifiable in game (only timers and animation speed)
Galaxy life animations have been added
Market events: market context can trigger highs and lows of prices
Population growth control: all population is linked to a luxury that can be used to favour its growth within the empire
The election process has been redone: now the political parties that will not end in the Senate report their votes to the closest party, which can change the winner at the last minute!
Added Natural Wonders (no visuals yet)

[Narrative Content]
Added chapter 3 & 4 of the Horatio quest
Added chapter 1 & 2 of the Riftborn quest
Added most of Tutorial, Advanced level
Updated Expert Tutorial
Added 6 new Minor Faction Quests
Added 5 new Population Quests
Added Community Quest (Mysterious Plague Ship is now known as “The Living Plague”)
Added 7 Alternative Deeds
Added Community Event (An Unexpected Visitor is now known as “An Unexpected Guest”
Added Community Event (Hear my Last Cry)

[Manpower & Ground Battle]
Manpower is now divided in three elements:
Manpower on empire is a resource consumed by Systems and Ships
On system: defences defines the strength of the system defence and how much troops it will generate
On ships: crews provide a boost in space battle, and is consumed for invasion. They can also be killed during space battle
All empires start with a full stock of Manpower on their empire
Manpower is now equally split between all entities requiring some
Improved feedback related to troop generation (directly display how the system defence and crews will be converted)
Added a specific Ground Battle strategy and Space Battle Tactic for the Privateers and Minor Factions
Triggered a notification when the manpower drops close to 0

[Minor Faction Rework]
Revamped the Minor Faction interface
Added a new Minor Factions Ideology: Pragmatist
More actions to improve relations with Minor Factions
Actions are now based on a trend rather than a flat point value
Changed thresholds on the bar as follows: Neutral, Cordial, Amicable, Friendly. Each threshold corresponds to a different level of reward
Having the best relation with a Minor Faction may now grant access to special actions with a cost in Luxury Resources

Harmonized Pirate ship designs:
Nerfed certain Prowler designs that were too strong
Buffed certain Positron designs that were too weak
Changed the way Pirates spawn to prevent the unwanted Pirate spam
Pirates now spawn at a slightly slower rate
Pirates are now limited in number and won't spawn anymore if there's already a certain number of them.
Pirates have been given new behaviours allowing them to blockade systems, and target specific nodes

[Senate & Politics]
Rebellion: now the government after a rebellion depends on the current government, cycling through all of them.
Removed Rebellion progress while in Anarchy
Added an experience systems for political parties: reaching certain experience levels unlocks new laws
Added independent laws that are always available, and free to maintain
Refined laws content: there are less but more powerful, and they cost an influence upkeep to be maintained
Reinforce differences between each government
Democracy: no election actions to influence the result, but better diversity in senate and provide approval boost on population
Republic: election actions using Dust and stronger alternative version of the Laws
Federation: bonuses on industry and expansion
Dictatorship: one party that you select and higher chance of rebellion

[Space Battle]
Ship Design
Refactored UI
New module icons that reflect the power progression
Added detailed data about ship (DPS per weapon, efficiency, DPS per range, defence absorption, energy / projectile balance, upgrade cost), also displayed in ship tooltip
Added toggle to hide / show obsolete modules
Added the possibility to drag and drop modules between slots
Added double click on any player’s ship thumbnail to open the ship design (in military screen but also in the galaxy)
Removed module symmetrical multiplayer cost
Harmonized module multiplayer cost per ship size
Tweaked heavy mounted slot and add effect explanation in tooltip
Added a button in the Military Screen under the Ship Designs frame.
One click upgrades all the modules of the selected Ship Design to their latest version
Does not replace or remove existing modules, does not fill empty slots
Deck panel
Cards are now called tactics
You can open the battle tactics (new deck panel) even during battle
Added description in tactics’ tooltip
Advanced battle screen
Improved trajectories / stats display
Improved ship hover feedback (don’t forget: you can move them among flotillas!)
Added flotilla compatibility feedback of the ship when dragging it
Added command point required to unlock flotillas
During battle
Improved scan view (damage lines, trajectories, shaders etc.)
Added overview (show entire battle with appropriate feedback included range between paired flotilla)
Added locked ship feedback
Added zoom with mouse wheel in free cam even without ship locked
Battle Report
Added advanced battle report (first version)
Added damage gauges with detailed data (weapon type, defence absorption, misses shot, critical hit)
Added range per paired flotillas per phase with damage ratio
Battle system
Changed critic damage: if critical hit, the salvo dismisses all defence absorptions
Added ship damage bonus when crew on board (some weapons kill crew)
Added theatre effect: check the battle effect on the special nodes
Changed the random generator which should give you the same result if you load a save
Added 15 support modules to diversify the strategies
The module that affects fleet and flotilla are exclusive to support ships
Fixed and increased several battle order effects (battle card new name)
Increased flak effect (and feedback it in the weapon tooltip)
Balanced / Tweaked Weapons, Defenses and Hulls (reduced cost, reduced progression, damage and health x2, increase strategic module interest)

Reworked the whole Military Quadrant to implement the new modules
Reworked the Science & Exploration Quadrant to implement support modules
Also added new modules for the Ark, and technologies to unlock them through the game
Added political impact on technologies

The AI now handles Peace behaviours
The AI now handles minimal Alliance behaviours
The AI is now able to detect player actions (regarding itself) and send reactions
The AI can now create and balance contracts to propose to players
Improved AI attitudes and attitude annotations
Improved contract evaluation overall
System improvement and technologies gains have been reworked
The AI can now use more exotic improvements like infinite buildings and manpower conversion
The AI should colonize in a better fashion (more grouped)
The AI can now handle the new Minor Faction system
The AI should use the marketplace better overall
The AI can now buy mercenaries on the marketplace to complete its taskforce
The AI now make event choices
Many many tweaks in the decision making process
The AI changes its tactics set according its current strengths and weaknesses
The AI should now select the most efficient play considering its fleet
The AI should now redesign its ships to counter its main enemy
The AI is now capable of understanding when fleets which will be auto-merged before it will attack
The AI should be more reactive especially in early game
The AI should keep less ships in its hangars
The AI can now assign heroes as admirals
The AI now assigns all hero skills (governors and admirals) depending on hero role
The AI can now buy heroes on the marketplace
The AI can now solve certain quests
The AI can now take over in "minimal" mode for a few turns if a player drops out
The AI is able to play as a Riftborn with its specific gameplay
A LOT of memory and CPU optimisations

[User Interface]
The Diplomatic and negotiation screens have been reworked
The ship design screen has been reworked
The new game screen has been redone
Reworked the left banner in all menus
Polished Diplomacy screen:
Demand button now located on the Negotiation screen (above the pressure gauge)
HD GUI for any resolution
New scaling option improved (4K mode)
Modules icons are brand new! (quest icons are not done yet)
New display options are now available for tooltip display: Compact, Full & Progressive. By default, Progressive is enabled, which goes from a Compact to a Full Display after a short moment when hovering the mouse. This setting can be changed in the UI Options menu

Government changes are more accessible (less anarchy and lower happiness prerequisite) but they have a dynamic influence cost
Reworked the Lumeris outpost buyout curve to lower their explosive expansion
Reworked the technology cost curve: the game pace will be slower and feel more engaging
Diplomatic costs are now dynamic and based on the number of systems owned by the Empire
Assimilation costs is now dynamic and based on the number of systems owned by the Empire
First balancing of Minor Faction Quests (not complete yet)
Strategic deposits quantity has been halved but their individual production increased (1 / 3 / 5 instead of 1 / 2 / 3)
Hero skills: effects related to size has been generalized
Hero skills: effects on deposit output has been nerfed
Rebellion: lowered the threshold which triggers the start of the rebellion
Increased the number of nodes generated for all sizes
Added a limit on how many ships can be send to an outpost at a time, making distant outpost harder to feed

[Known Issues]
Unlike what the gameplay video says, Multiplayer quests haven't been implemented yet
Possible loss of sync in Multiplayer if Fast speed animations are used
Possible loss of sync in Multiplayer if two players have the same wonder in the construction queue and finish it on the same turn
In Multiplayer, players get a message when another player joins that they have been renamed with that player’s name. This message actually has no effect
In the diplomacy screen, the contract evaluation bar sometimes fails to update
In the Advanced Play settings, enemy flotillas sometimes do not appear if the Advanced Play button is clicked too fast. In the case this happens, right click and re-enter the window
The Riftborn have a strategic issue on their home system: with Many constellations, all planets in their home system have Titanium & Hyperium. With Few/Unique, none have any. We recommend playing with Few or Unique constellations if you want a challenging game (this issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch)

Вова Хайтов


Русский язык присутствует! Для включения русского языка, необходимо выбрать его в настройках игры:
[DOUBLEPOST=1495128417,1495123799][/DOUBLEPOST]Уточнение к выходу версии игры 1.0

Здравствуйте, наши дорогие игроки в России! Вы обнаружите, что небольшая часть текста игры на вашем родном языке до сих пор остается на английском, так как перевод еще не завершен (некоторые описания в отдельных местах). Мы искренне сожалеем об этом и можем заверить вас, что полный перевод игры будет готов на следующей неделе.

Мы заверяем вас, что вы уже сейчас можете начать игру на родном языке (без потери прогресса), а наша команда тем временем внесет последние изменения.

Благодарим вас за понимание и надеемся, что вы рады выходу игры так же, как и мы!

Разработчики Amplitude


  • Endless Space 2 - Играйте в Endless Space 2 на ПК и Mac.
  • Официальный саундтрек - Все треки из игры Endless Space 2, созданные FlybyNo, в формате mp3.
  • Герои Академии: "Следопыты" (облик) - Добавлены герои: Брунем Берто-Ланселлум и Кинет Малду
  • Внешний вид кораблей героев: "Следопыт" (облик) - Добавлена возможность выбора альтернативного внешнего вида "Следопыт" для всех кораблей героев.

Вова Хайтов

Официальный патч 1.0.1. Список изменений:
НАПОМИНАНИЕ: Старые файлы сохранений больше не совместимы с игрй! Мы удалили огромное количество старых файлов, чтобы сохранения, сделанные в бета-версиях игры, не работали на релизной версии. We've removed a lot of old files that were only kept in there to keep the saves working between beta versions. Теперь все эти файлы удалены, чтобы игроки начинали игру с чистого листа!
Мы настоятельно рекомендуем удалить файл Registry.xml!!! Этот файл обычно расположен по пути:
C:\Users\[yourusername]\Documents\Endless Space 2\Users\

Added Unfallen Games2Gether Faction
Modding implemented
New Scanview system management implemented
Added planet scanview
Auto ship design / upgrade implemented
Cloud saves are now available
Game can now have 12 competitors!
Academy/metaplot quests have been added
Beginner Tutorial implemented
Custom Factions implemented
Added colonization videos
Auto-ship design implemented
Added technology Helper to suggest technologies to the player

Added faction-specific technologies
Added 2 new minor factions, Remnant and Pulsos
Added Events quest Political
Added new random events
Added new market events
Added 23 new space battle tactics
Added “exotic” effects on strategic weapons and defenses
Added planet destruction module
Added a specific star type for the academy
Added founder heroes and the 5th Sophon hero
Added new content to curiosities (Modules / Space battle tactics / Star system improvements...)
Added final rewards of all Main Quests (Chapter 4)
Added population swap in United Empire Main Quest

Saves are now in a binary format
Several optimizations have been made for different parts of the game (GUI, Computation...)
Refined some behaviors in the galaxy generator

Pirates now wait fleets that are coming to their systems before moving to another system (depending on their mission)
Added: Planet destruction mission
Added: AI is now able to activate laws (knowing that it costs Influence points)
Added: AI is now able to cancel laws to retrieve the empire points
Added: AI is now able to trade technologies by diplomacy
Added: AI now research military modules technologies
Added: AI now play elections
Added: AI is now able to attack enemies it finds on its mission path
Added: AI is now able to propose alliances, map and vision sharing (if it has the tech)
Added: AI now feedbacks more game events and takes into account more player actions (leeching, time bubbles, blockades, attacking civilians, Unfallen actions etc.)
Changed: Globally improved the military attack, defense and invasion
Changed: Improved the way AI uses support modules
Changed: Increased AI desire for trade (in particularly for mercantile AIs)
Changed: Improved map and vision sharing evaluation and open borders
Changed: Improved main enemy selection
Improved invasion behaviour
Improved behaviour and technology choice for colonization
Improved node strategic score heuristic
Fixed: Issue where AI fleets were staying in hangar forever in some specific cases
Fixed: AI colonization behavior
Fixed: AI now doesn't cancel missions without any reasons.
Fixed: Ark generation and leecher use are now working correctly
Fixed: Issues for hull and affinities
Fixed: AI now researches new military modules

Put back the Surveyed support at the end of the Election process
Stat buttons on the Advanced Battle Setup Screen are "togglable"
Added a timer for the auto battle start
Screen/button tooltips display information about their keyboard shortcuts
Automated ships are no longer sent to besieged outposts
Refund value is now displayed in "Deed failed" notification when relevant
Neutral propaganda is no longer queued when colonizing a system
Motherships now start the game with 1 action point
Fleets that cannot fight cannot be used as reinforcements in space battle
The game should automatically choose the compatibility mode
Key binding has been improved (detect if the key is used, …)
Added localized subtitles for all the introductions
Updated the look of outgame screens
Probes are now allowed on Hero ships
Improved module icons: larger on the ships, improved progression details, redone support module, removed kinetic trail, changed category module orientation
Ship modules category icons are now colored based on their strategic resource in the tech tree
Added module computation formulas in the ship design stat tooltips
Mezari or Sheredyn populations are now effective at the end of the United Empire Chapter 3
AI behavior has been improved, notably with regards to its aggressiveness
Polished end turn timers & added "out of time" animations
Improved notification flow: click on a button which open a menu no longer displays the next notification
Improved Ground Battle: there is now a maximum manpower that can be deployed per turn. The limit can be increased with technologies and temporary modified by ground battle tactics.

Population collection bonuses for Riftborns: movement points are only halved when going through wormholes (temporary - will change for release)
Brainwashed factions can no longer start a new assimilation quest
Use of Crew Modules on hero ships is now forbidden
Added a turn action on Time Bubbles, so they need to be in the first position to be completed
Reduced AI Prestige bonus in higher difficulties
Minor Factions with Cordial relation or better now don't block trade routes
Reduced hero experience from improvement built, increased from battle and nodes / curiosities discovered
Reduced crew given by crew modules
Added different Demand management on Marketplace prices
Balancing of Market events
Fixed issues of Singularity: FIDSI and depletion effects
Added political impact to Leech (Religious) and Planet Destruction (Military) entity actions
Removed description panels from Faction Trait tooltip
Infinite improvements are now compatible with Food to Industry
Fixed issue on exclusive technologies which were not exclusives
Increased free movement speed
Increased food consumption
Increased influence zone progression rate
Removed duplicate of exploration stage 1
Added negotiable truce (not managed by AI, missing negotiable terms)
Increased hull health and upkeeps (slightly increased medium ship cost and greatly the large ship cost)
Balanced support module effects
Balanced weapon module: reduced missile power, increased flack effect, increased beam power)
Balanced space battle tactics and changed unlock distribution
Improved ground battle tactics: balanced effect, removed round number modifiers (replaced with manpower deployment limit modifiers), added ownership malus for the surrender tactic
Balanced random events appearance rhythm
Balanced Trading Companies: improvement costs are now linked, and can either increase luxury or dust production. They take longer to level up, and Trading Companies unlocks are slower.


Fix for non-repeating minor factions
Fix for abundance of strats and luxes
Fixed an issue where ships in flotilla without direct opponent could not shoot
Fixed space battle trajectories orientations
Fix error sometimes occurring when opening the advanced play screen directly after the start of the battle, causing the enemy play cards and ships to be broken. We now simulate the enemy play if needed so we can show the information correctly.
Fix for number of nodes was still affected by density
Fix for isolated nodes spawning too far away
Fixed slider settings flicking between 2 (or more) values if they are quickly changed by the host in multiplayer.
Fixed error in economy screen system tab related to Riftborn population construction
Fixed the issue where the cost of the "Praise" action (Minor faction interaction) was not influenced by the "We are equals" law
Fix Venetians T2/3 Turrets Orientation
Fixed an issue on United Empire Ground Battle assets
Fixed an issue on Tikanans Ground Battle assets
fixed an issue on Riftborn home planet where the strategic luxury were spawned on all the planets of the home system or no strategic deposit were spawned instead of having them only on the home planet
Fix vote redistribution feedback in Election last panel
Fix duplicate special nodes names
Fixed full screen portrait rendering with custom resolution.
removed Bailiff Quest which provokes unpredictable eliminations
Fixed the bug forbidding the Ecologist Forced Law to apply properly
Fixed Riftborn outpost progress not being fed back in orbital view
Fixed outpost FIDSI not being displayed in orbital view
Fixed a bug on the Horatio gene population display in the population screen
Fix incorrect unlocking of play tactics slots when passing a turn
Fix several Multiplayer desyncs
Fix Wonder cancellation process and Refund in notification
Lots of issues fixed, along with an improvement to the overall stability of the game
Balancing / global tweak of the game
Fixed: custom faction voice over now matches faction visuals
Fixed the Narrator Empire Introduction voice when launching the Beginner Tutorial
Fixed various causes of potential sync loss
Fixed notifications not being displayed in some game loading situations
Fixed missing icons in the tech tree
Fixed an issue with "Preserve the Academy" breaking saves
Fixed an issue with ground battle scan views
Fixed some sounds missing with ground battle
Fixed an issue with Horatio splicing
Fixed an issue with ground battle manpower that could be negative in some cases
Fixed the planet scan view, now complete
Fixed Game session remaining stuck during the End Turn sequence while in a Pending state
[MAC] Fixed: minor and major factions influence area can no longer be seen through the fog of war

Reworked United Empire Warp
Fixed Horatio faction missing audio elements

Unfallen users cannot use the spaceport
Several factions traits on custom factions are not functional yet
ENFER ship cannot be dragged into the hangar (it can be done through the disband action)
Vodyani Quest Chapter 1 Part 2 Second choice will not work with custom factions

ES_2-1.jpg ES_2-2.jpg ES_2-3.jpg ES_2-4.jpg ES_2-5.jpg

Вова Хайтов

Играл вчера почти всю ночь. В самом начале игры переведено практически всё на русский язык и все начальные расовые квесты и случайные события, дающие бонусные бусты в начале игры.
Однако чем дальше, тем всё чаще попадаются заглушки в виде переменных вместо перевода и английские фразы. Также имеют место быть части текста, переведённые с помощью google translate.
Сама по себе игра меня сильно затянула. Разработчики дали множество детальных рычагов по управлению империей игрока. Мне игра очень нравится!


Да тоже сейчас в основном в нее играю.
Вообще очень много вопросов и неясных моментов.

Кто-нибудь находил описание бонусов от всех малых и крупных фракций при численности более 50? Пытаюсь понять кого выгоднее разводить)

В квестах расы - 3 основных варианта финала определяемых в 1-м задании или на каждом разветвлении квеста финал меняется и их очень много?

Заметил что комп почти сразу подгоняет вооружение флота к оптимальному против игрока, господа вы также делаете (ну дорого блин) или воюете самым мощным, или всего помаленьку?

В случае тераформинга, независимо от расы всегда ведь выгоднее максимально близкие к "терранским" условия ибо там больше численность населения(и она нивелирует бонусы лавы или снега)?
в океане такая же численность или меньше?

Что известно про механику инфляции пыли?

как работают линии атаки при бое, то есть почему не запихать весь флот на оптимальную линию с оптимальными условиями?
Мощность двигателей влияет-ли на скорость передвижения в бою?

Вова Хайтов

Вышел патч 1.0.5. Исправлены многочисленные ошибки на основе отзывов игроков:
[1.0.5] Patch Notes
  • Destroying a gas planet is not going to trigger the cinematic – The FX will however be visible in the galaxy view
  • Added a pop-up to inform players who play on the public 1.0.5 build with an old AMD card to play on the fixAMD branch
  • Added several bits of missing localisation that remained in English until now
  • Added a cinematic for the discovery of the Academy
  • Added a failure tooltip on ships in the fleet list if the Drag'n'Drop between flotillas wasn’t possible
  • Improved the planet destruction tooltip error message
  • Fleets Labels for cargo Ships are now hidden
  • Changed the custom faction button from "Add" to "Custom Factions"
  • Improved the Game Creation screen to show that the faction portrait is clickable
  • Fixed an issue with saves with broken deposits
  • Fixed an issue with several faction traits that weren't functional with custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with the Cravers Prime ship skin: it can now be used in custom factions with the Cravers affinity
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where players remained stuck in the loading screen after quitting to main menu if they used custom factions created by the host
  • Fixed an issue in Multiplayer where the nodes discovery status of remote players was not properly saved by the host
  • Fixed an issue with the Implant Beacon battle action which was unavailable because the fleet was erroneously considered "busy"
  • Fixed an issue with the end of turn timer not resolving encounters
  • Fixed an exploit with technologies: they can’t be traded to prevent Scientific Victory exploits
  • Fixed an issue with custom factions that couldn’t be created with more than 7 faction traits in Multiplayer
  • Fixed some diplomacy localization lines for custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with minor factions spending all their Dust on colonization that they couldn't achieve
  • Players won’t be able to save during the end turn anymore
  • Fixed vined systems bonus/malus only applied to Unfallen
  • Fixed an issue with troops count
  • Fixed an issue with the Unfallen vine action feedback which was displayed for all orbiting fleets
  • Added a failure tooltip in galaxy view to inform the user when the curiosities that he wants to explore with probes are already in the queue construction
  • Fixed an issue on the Asian font which corrupted them overtime
  • Fixed double click on ship allowing to see ship design even if ship is not editable or hidden
  • Fixed an issue with the feedback of Third Vodyani population collection bonus
  • Fixed the Amateur and Kingpin Executive traits
  • Fixed the Center of Light and Life and Harmony of the Heart improvements which had incorrect pre-requisites, allowing them to be built multiple times
  • Removed Home System Depletion from the Cravers Affinity to move it to the population trait Extreme Foremen
  • Changed the faction trait "Strange but Bad" faction trait cost from 10 to -10
  • Fixed Apathetic/Fervent colonists traits
  • Fixed Blockade Breakers trait
  • Added the Naturalists population trait
  • Fixed the Singularity creation and destruction sound effects
  • Fixed the Luxuries Lottery system improvement
  • Fixed the Righteous Fury law
  • Fixed an issue where the failure condition didn't work properly in a competitive quest when players were the first to colonize a system
  • Fixed an issue with a parasitic sound heard during the beginning of turn
  • Fixed an issue with the final reward of the Riftborn main quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Unfallen couldn't use the spaceport
  • Reduced the effect of the Vodyani Dust for Alms improvement from 25% to 50% of Dust converted into Essence
  • Changed the Papers Please hero skill: increased manpower refill rate gain on skills
  • Changed the Conscription Genius hero skill: doubled manpower gain
  • Changed the Bespoke Arms hero skill: increased damage given to the hero ship
  • Changed the Sensitive Systems hero skill: changed vision range bonus from % to flat
  • Fixed the Infallible Authority hero skill: it is now not as strong
  • Increased the Riftborn colonizer cost, as they do not have to manage migration to outpost
  • Decreased Cravers depletion points per turn from +2 to +1
  • Added a temporary bonus to population collection level 3 for the Lumeris
  • Fixed Permanent Monsoon tooltip: it now displays -10 Happiness
  • Wonders & Unique buildings are now impacted by the game speed
  • Fixed an issue that made conquest victory require a lower percentage of the galaxy to win while in an alliance
  • Fixed the Lumeris buyout improvement "Workers' Campus" being allowed to be built multiple times
  • Fixed the AI abusive migration
  • Fixed an issue with the AI stuck in an infinite battle
  • Added transitions so the AI is not stuck in war when Peace or an Alliance is signed
  • Fixed an error that occurred when the game was saved at the beginning of the turn
  • Fixed an issue where 3 conflicting tutorial windows were displayed in the star system view
  • Fixed an issue where in the Beginner tutorial the empire screen was displayed 1 turn too early
  • Fixed an issue where the laws tutorial window was displayed even in galaxy view
  • Fixed an issue with the battle tutorial that remained stuck
  • Fixed an issue for Mac players: ground units now appear properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest chapter 1 part 1 didn't resolve like a normal competitive quest
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest on minor factions didn't trigger the next quest after it failed
  • Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 part 2 where the second choice didn't work with custom factions
  • Fixed an issue with the Vodyani quest chapter 1 where the objective used to be obsolete
  • Fixed an issue with the United Empire "The Cult of the Strongman" quest where the player didn't receive any reward upon completion
  • Fixed an issue where spawning fleets to destroy in Academy quest 3-B were too far from the Academy
  • Added a missing pre-requisite to the pre-Metaplot Academy quests to make sure Academy must be found in the first place
  • Fixed an issue with the 10/10 With Spice quest: it will now be triggered only after the 50th turn (in normal speed)
  • Fixed an issue where the Academy quest "Build the Academy" didn't work as expected, preventing players from reaching the next Academy chapter
  • Fixed and issue where the Academy quest was spawning Pirate fleets instead of the Vodyani fleets as suggested in the lore
  • ENFER ship can be dragged into the hangar in the Sophons main quest


Молодой Адьютант
Не могу взять в толк - бои, что, только автоматические, игрок становится зрителем, или можно где-то на ручное управление перевести?

Вова Хайтов

бои, что, только автоматические
Будем говорить так: они полуавтоматические. Ты выбираешь стратегию ведения боя флотом перед самим боем. Следует учитывать какое вооружение установлено на твоих кораблях и т.д. и т.п.
а далее откидывешься в кресло и созерцаешь свои победы или вцепившись в подлокотники того же кресла, периодически подпрыгиваешь на нём из-за того, что пригорает. :wink:
С первой части мало что изменилось в боях. интерфейс стал красивше, да! :biggrin:


бои, что, только автоматические
Ну ты перед боем можешь броню и вооружение флота под противника подогнать... если Даст есть))
Также, можешь выбрать карту тактики в начале их 5, а всего их штук ~45 есть, если исследовал или нашел их, или у героя-Стража кажется есть еще 1 эксклюзивная, если умудрился его вкачать.
Когда кораблей много можешь вручную или автоматически распределить их по линиям атаки в расширенном тактическом режиме.

А в далее все само сражается, и по моему это хорошо - ибо по сети приятно играть. Ну и даже в соло истреблять десятки пиратских флотов приятнее на автомате.


Молодой Адьютант
Всем спасибо. Ещё не могу разобраться со многими правилами. Где можно посмотреть, сколько можно сделать колоний, пока не начал появляться 10% штраф за каждую новую колонию? Есть теха "ГиперКПД", которая, как я понимаю, дает возможность запустить проект "Пустер", который, в свою очередь, увеличивает количество разрешенных колоний на 2. Как его запустить? И это - единственное увеличение количества разрешенных колоний? Дальше (например, при захвате чужих колоний) их нужно разрушать, чтобы избежать штрафа, как в "Warlock 2"? И да, как вообще захватывать чужие колонии? В моо нужно было десантные транспорты гнать, а здесь?


Молодой Адьютант
Зы. Со счастьем разобрался, с захватом чужих колоний - нет. Прилетел - бой. Победил - система ничья. Её нельзя захватить, только заново колонизировать? Зачем куча встраиваний со свойством "подорожание системы"? Международный конкурс расставить 5 кораблей по неким магнитным планетам, затем - привести туда эскадры с героями. За выполнение дается 1/4 одноходового дохода денег, 1/12 науки и 1/3 антиматерии, кажется. Это зачем так?


Зы. Со счастьем разобрался, с захватом чужих колоний - нет.
Для захвата планеты необходимо провести наземное вторжение. В каждом твоем корабле есть некоторое количество войск. Когда ты на орбите вражеского мира - там кнопочка специальная становится доступна...

Ну это квест какой-то, мне не встречался не знаю.


Молодой Адьютант
Спс за реакцию. А может, вы в курсе, зачем такое количество встраивание на "увеличение стоимости системы"? зачем её увеличивать?
там кнопочка специальная становится доступна...
Спс. Не видел.
квест какой-то, мне не встречался не знаю.
Так я о том, что за выполнение геморройного многоходового квеста дают 1/4 дневного дохода.


Молодой Адьютант
Кто-нибудь с оружием разобрался? Ещё с раннего доступа были какие-то непонятки с кинетическим оружием. На средней и ближней дистанции оно должно работать со 100% эффективностью, т.е. ДПМ должен быть номинальным. Но при просмотре ТТХ кораблей заметил, что на этих дистанциях ДПМ для кинетики указан какой-то запредельный. Не 100%, а где-то 300-350%. Это баг отображения? Баг механики? Или я чего-то не понимаю?

Вова Хайтов

DemonSD, разработчики выкатили бета-патч PREVIEW CHANGE LOG 1.0.11 :: Endless Space 2 General Discussions
Очень рекомендую начать играть с ним потому, что это завтрашний день игры. И после установки уже смотреть на баланс. Иначе - пустая трата времени. :wink:


Молодой Адьютант
Так вопрос не про баланс, а про косяк который с раннего доступа не изменился. Косяк ли? Вот ставлю кинетическую пушку с уроном в секунду 13. Указано, что на на ближней и средней дистанции 100%, а на дальней 80%. Смотрю в цифрах... 45 - 45 - 10. А должно по идее быть 13 - 13 - 10. И непонятно это она реально долбит в 3 раза сильнее? Или это просто баг отображения, ибо интегральный показатель силы корабля вроде в 3 раза не увеличивается?

П.С. Для всех остальных типов пушек всё строго соответствует заявленным значениям.


Очень напрягает дисбаланс и непродуманность геймплея.
Решил отложить Endless до лучших времен.

Вова Хайтов

jekki, подробнее можешь рассказать о своих впечатлениях. А то как-то обобщил безапелляционно.