Генератор карт для HoM&M III HD с поддержкой 60 FPS и со всеми картами из AB/SoD

Модификация Генератор карт для HoM&M III HD с поддержкой 60 FPS и со всеми картами из AB/SoD 1.11 release

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Список изменений:

* Fixed crash when generating a map with the Selectable Towns option in the RMG dialog (thanks wikidfps for report)

* Fixed No Sound Delay sometimes causing some sounds not to play (thanks Dahan for report)
* Fixed clicking of the (?) for Extra Hotkeys to not change the checkbox choice (thanks Dahan for report)

BETA 0.96:
* Fixed a non-combat spells issue affecting only some users (thanks Solipso for report)
* Fixed re-visit of Two Way Monoliths not instantly revealing fog (thanks Reset. for report)
* Adjusted FPS increase to work smooth with Ubisoft changes

BETA 0.95:
* Fixed some non-combat spells causing crash with Extra Hotkeys enabled (thanks Solipso for report)
* Improved map conversion vastly (more info to come in next major release)
* Fixed Seer's Hut quest in Pandora's Box map patch

BETA 0.94b:
* Fixed hero trade hotkeys being pre-triggered for next trade window when pressing the keys while not trading (thanks Solipso for report)

BETA 0.94:
* Fixed conversion of non-standard size maps, e.g XXL 252x252 (thanks damoaraimbo for report)
* Added HD Edition XXL Maps feature, allowing playing non-standard size maps, e.g XXL 252x252

BETA 0.93:
* Fixed Quick Combat replay working improperly with garrisons and artifacts carried by monsters (thanks SelvesteSigurd for report)
* h3mtool now explicitly asks to be run as administrator on startup (manifest embedded)

BETA 0.92:
* Added Re-visitable Objects compatibility for campaigns (previously only compatible with normal .h3m maps)
* Changed Re-visitable Objects to not alter hero's facing direction when re-visiting an object
* Fixed Re-visitable Objects sometimes not working with saved games
* Changed No Sound Delay battle startup to be like HD mod (let battle start music finish playing before letting battle music start, units can instantly be moved)
* Re-added artifact moving in hero trade screen (hotkeys: Q, 1 and 2, click Full List in h3mtool for more info)
* Fixed some GUI problems with RMG feature and changed some GUI text
* Internal optimizations and re-structuring (hde_mod.dll -200KB) for better compatibility with future HD Edition versions
Список изменений:
BETA 0.91b:
* Implemented extra error checking for Quick Combat re-play

BETA 0.91:
* Fixed HD Edition Quick Combat re-play turn 1 spell casting (spell could sometimes not be cast on turn 1 of Quick Combat re-play, thanks Draco for report)

BETA 0.9:
* Added HD Edition Quick Combat re-play hotkey (at battle result screen of a Quick Combat battle, press Escape to re-play that battle without Quick Combat)
* Disabled HD Edition buggy artifact move (heroes were sometimes losing stats when moving some artifacts with hotkeys 1, 2 and Q. These hotkeys now only move creatures. Update adding fixed artifact move will be made)
* Updated hotkey list ("Full List" in GUI) with better descriptions
Список изменений:

BETA 0.84:
* Added HD Edition compatibility for unannounced hotpatch from 2015-04-07 (thanks DataPack for report)

BETA 0.83:
* Added HD Edition Patch 3 compatibility
* Disabled HD Edition system cursor fix in GUI (Ubisoft integrated this fix in Patch 3)

BETA 0.82:
* Added HD Edition shift+click in town, hero and hero trade screen for splitting clicked creature stack evenly
* Fixed HD Edition No Sound Delay volume issues (thanks DataPack for report)
* Fixed HD Edition alt tab/re-focus bug with windowed mode + system cursor that would cause only part of cursor to be rendered

BETA 0.81:
* Added HD Edition last stack move fix to town screen (thanks DataPack for report)
* Added HD Edition Chinese/Czech version compatibility for all features
* Moved No Sound Delay fix to its own option (removes delay when sounds are played e.g when buying hero or entering battle)

BETA 0.8:
* Added HD Edition no sound delay fix (currently part of FPS option), removes delay when sounds are played e.g when buying hero or entering battle
* Added HD Edition move last stack fix (currently part of hotkeys option), when moving last stack in hero trade screen all except 1 creature is moved
* Added HD Edition hotkeys for swapping/moving all creatures and artifacts in hero trade screen (Q: swap, 1: move to left hero, 2: move to right hero)
* Added HD Edition hero trade screen ctrl/alt (+click) hotkeys for splitting/joining stacks

BETA 0.76:
* Added town screen ctrl/alt (+click) hotkeys for splitting/joining stacks
* Fixed Czech/Chinese HD Edition patch 1.1 compatibility for all HD Edition fixes

BETA 0.75:
* Fixed cursor icon when moving artifacts with HD Edition system cursor fix (thanks DataPack for bug report)
Список изменений и улучшений BETA 0.74:
* Added HD Edition system cursor fix (thanks AL-KASAB for testing)

BETA 0.73:
* Added HD Edition 59 FPS Fix (thanks DataPack for funny Steam thread)

BETA 0.72:
* Added compatibility with Ubisoft patch 1.1

BETA 0.71:
* Fixed loading some saved games not working with Re-visitable Objects feature (thanks NecroSandro for report)

BETA 0.7:
* Added WoG->RoE conversion (still don't support many WoG objects, however already the current version supports a way of dynamically adding
support for objects without changing any of the .exe:s/dlls using just .h3m files with objects on them. This feature will be explained more once it has been tested/improved)
* Added HD Edition hero screen hotkeys ctrl+click and alt+click for splitting/joining stacks
* Added storing/restoring of all h3mtool GUI settings
* Many conversion fixes:
* Fixed conversion of Random Hero so that it can now be selected on maps where it previously couldn't
(thanks bloodraven43 and Chirno for report and testing)
* Updated conversion tables, fixing e.g Garrisons and Pandora's Boxes on Pestilence Lake and The Great Race (thanks
bylte- and JakeMunsie for report)
* Fixed passability bug causing terrain objects to sometimes be incorrectly replaced, causing blocked passages (thanks
Daninja for testing)
* Added error checking for conversion so that h3mtool now can output a detailed error message with coordinates of
object causing conversion problems and skip that map continuing with conversion of the rest (can still be improved to catch more errors)
* Conversion optimizatons speeding up conversion
* Fixed conversion of maps with empty description
* Improved savegame parsing, fixing issue with saved games for certain maps with the HD Edition Re-visitable Objects feature

BETA 0.61:
* Fixed issue with Re-visitable Objects mod when switching between maps
Список изменений BETA 0.6:

* Added Re-visitable Objects mod (thanks Chirno, Joker, Fastmancz and Urz for testing)
* Basic parsing of .gm1 save files, used for Re-visitable objects
* Added Rust Dragon to conversion tables, fixes Dawn of War
* Fixed creatures bug in event object AB/SoD->RoE conversion, fixes Gelea's Champions (thanks JakeMunsie for bug report)
* Fixed conversion regression crash (thanks 000 for bug report)

I would like to thank all the members of the community who have contributed to the development of this project so far:
000, Above The Clouds, Avroveks, Chirno, Daninja, DataPack, Evilnapkin, Hightower, Fastmancz, JakeMunsie, Merkuri, Mert, NecroSando, Heisenberg, primeval1, simonizer and Urz.

Additionally I would also like to thank everyone who has shown support for the project. What Ubisoft will or won't do aside, the community is powerful. This project is still just
a beta and the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. Remember: it's all just ones and zeroes.

Video demonstration coming soon. For now here are instructions on how to use Re-visitable Objects feature:
1. Start HoMM HD, be at main menu.
2. Start h3mtool.exe, leave Re-visitable Objects checkbox checked and click Apply button (screenshot: skqw69z.png )
3. In HoMM HD, start new game or load saved game (map has to exist on disk)
4. Go to any object with a hero, for example a Windmill, Subterranean Gate or Monolith Two Way, and press space bar to re-visit it
Список изменений 0.51 BETA:
Fixed RMG dialog sometimes not appearing (thanks Hightower for bug report)
* Fixed (again...) HD RMG integration with Russian H3 Complete (thanks primeval1 and Above The Clouds for bug report)
Список изменений 0.5 BETA:
* Added pre-select for previously used template
* Added RMG dialog optimizations, now loads faster
* Fixed previous random map sometimes not being replaced
* Fixed bug with HD RMG integration with Russian H3 Complete & SoD
* Fixed fullscreen window switching issues between RMG dialog and HD Edition
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